Fitness as a Martial Art – History of the Athletic Skill Levels

This is a story about a super-obscure style of fitness that I practice in my personal workouts.  The concept started with David Werner at CrossFit North.  Dave had the idea of treating fitness like a martial art, with belts that you had to earn as your abilities progressed.  This idea led to his development ofContinue reading “Fitness as a Martial Art – History of the Athletic Skill Levels”

What does “Smart, Fit, and Clean” mean?

SMART This refers to mental fitness, mental health, mental acuity.  Being smart means being intelligent, wise, and knowledgeable. It means making better decisions.  The “Smart” in Smart, Fit, and Clean signifies the health of your mind. FIT This refers to physical fitness, physical health, physical preparedness.  To be fit is to be strong, mobile, andContinue reading “What does “Smart, Fit, and Clean” mean?”