More Essential Home-Gym Equipment: a Floor


This one is a little bit tongue-in-cheek, but seriously, you get a lot done with just a little floor space.

I’ve said this often and even written it on this blog a couple times: a human being who is determined to exercise can do it ANYWHERE.  People get strong in jail cells, bunk houses, and bedrooms.  I have worked out on the roof of a little boat on the Mekong river and in tiny hotel rooms all over the world.

Think about all the things you can do with some good floor space:

  • Squats in many different flavors
  • A massive variety of lunges
  • Planks from every side and angle
  • All the push-ups
  • Any of thousands of Yoga poses
  • Ab stuff ’til you puke
  • A plethora of gymnastics isometrics
  • A cornucopia of stretches
  • Diverse kneeling exercises
  • Stupid amounts of handstand variations

Okay, that wasn’t fair.  I’m just using my mental thesaurus to find more ways to say, “lots”.  In all sincerity though, the only thing you need to start a home exercise habit is your own body and a little bit of good floor space.  This is the seed of your home gym: an open spot of floor.


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