Home Gym Essentials: A Coach

I’ve talked about the things in the gym (floor, weights, bars to hang from, machines, blender, books), and about the parts of yourself you use in the gym (brain, body), but now it’s time to talk about the support system that helps you navigate this world of exercise, plans your workouts, nutrient intake, and behavioral changes, and keeps you accountable to your own goals: A COACH.

A Coach is not a classroom instructor or an entertainer.  A Coach is not there to put on a show, engage in shallow banter, or shout cliched “motivational” phrases.  A Coach is also not there to count your reps and listen to gossip.

Coach is someone who:

  • Develops a 1-to-1 relationship with you,
  • Learns who you are and what you’re about and what you want to achieve,
  • Then helps you to develop strategies around achieving those goals,
  • Articulates detailed plans,
  • Instructs you in executing on those plans,
  • And keep you accountable to the course of action you’ve set out on.

So, a Coach then is more like a partner, a mentor, and a guide on your fitness journey.

Want to know how to set up your home gym?  Ask a Coach.

Want to know how to identify your own starting place and end goals?  Ask a Coach.

Want to make a plan to get you from here to there?  Ask a Coach.

Want to know which exercises to prioritize in your workouts?  Ask a Coach.

Want to know how to eat and what to eat and how much?  Ask a Coach.

Want help changing behaviors that get in your way?  Ask a Coach.

Want to find yourself a Coach?  Set up a complimentary consultation and we’ll talk.



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