Bringing It All Together

For the past two weeks, I’ve written a blog a day about the “Basic Lifestyle Guidelines” or “BLGs” from OPEX Fitness.  Now I have to give credit where credit is due, I did not come up with these guidelines.  I merely wrote about them to explain them to you in hopes of making them easier to understand and implement.  It’s up to you to make use of them.



“There are 24 hours in a day, apply work and rest appropriately.”


“You will one day die; get over it and get living.”


“Water: 1/2 of your bodyweight in ounces per day, as a starting point.”


“Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day to maintain a great circadian rhythm.”


“The earth spins and the sun and moon correlate with our energy patterns.  We need sun exposure, and to sleep with the moon.”


“Water, moving blood, and proper digestion are essential daily routines.”


“Recovery: blood flow facilitates recovery and healing faster, get moving every day.”


“Digestion: food is a 36 to 44-hour investment.  Sit down, chew your food, set the phone aside and have a conversation.”

You can read my take on any of these guidelines by clicking on the bold words above.

When you look at the big picture and take all these in in their entirety, you can see it is a lot like the “common sense” and down-home wisdom of your ancestors.  This is the solid foundation you want to build your health upon: principles that we know from experience of life.

I believe in saving the world one healthy lifestyle at a time because it is my conviction that you can only fix the problems of the world one person at a time and from the inside out.  It starts with basics like these.

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Nicholas |nik-uh-luhs| n. a male given name: from Greek words meaning "victory of the people" John |jon| n. a male given name: from Hebrew Yohanan, derivative of Yehohanan "God has been gracious" Nakis |nah-kis| n. a Greek family name derived from the patronymic ending -akis (from Crete) Amha |am-hah| n. an Ethiopian given name meaning "gift", from Geez Selassie |suh-la-see| n. Ethiopian name meaning "trinity", from Geez

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