The Importance of Play

It’s been a long time since I wrote a “Fit” blog for this site. I updated a few other parts of my webpage today, and as I was strolling around the site, I clicked on “Fit” and noticed there was nothing new written with this tag since the launch of my Reach For The Rings documentary in May of 2021 (!)

Well, I think you deserve some new content on here. I definitely have an abundance of things to say, and no problem writing more content for you. Time I got around to it.

Saturday morning is Obstacle Course Day at our house

You see that cute little guy moving so fast that his feet are a blur? He’s torn my gym up and made a real mess of the place. I hope he doesn’t trip!

This is Obstacle Course Day at the Smart, Fit, and Clean gym (otherwise known as my garage). That’s little Nathan and this is his favorite thing to do in the gym: drag everything out and set up a bunch of wacky challenges for himself. There are dip bars and yoga balls to climb over, trampolines to jump on, boxes to climb, and rings to swing from. It’s Heaven for a kid.

Yeah, he might be about to fall into that mess of stuff…

I’m showing you these pictures to make a point. “Health” and “Fitness” is not all about rigorous discipline and strict training regimes. Sometimes it’s more about fun.

When you were a kid, I bet you were in pretty good shape. You probably weren’t obese or diabetic, probably had great blood cholesterol numbers, and likely didn’t suffer from any anxiety or depression. At the same time, I’d bet you didn’t have an “exercise routine”. You probably just played your heart out all day–running, jumping, and climbing–then slept like a log.

The importance of play cannot be underrated. When you’re playing around, you engage your mind and utilize your body. Best of all, you lose track of time. Remember that old saying, “time flies when you’re having fun”? Well, it’s true, isn’t it?

I want to remind you that fitness can be playful. Do you have a favorite sport? Is there something you love to do outside for fun? Do you see something new at the gym that looks like it would be cool to play around on? These are all great motivators that are probably a lot healthier than looking at the mirror and hating what you see.

Have fun. Engage yourself with something that sparks your curiosity. Embrace novelty and experience joy with some new physical activity. This sense of playfulness can put new gas in your tank and keep you active and interested for a bit longer than the tired drudgery of that same old workout.

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