Pumpkins Are For Food

I stand against the wasteful carving of pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns at Halloween. Every time I see a yard full of rotting pumpkins, I think about the people in our city streets without food, the working people whose families don’t have enough for all the hungry mouths, and those living in places of famine or foodContinue reading “Pumpkins Are For Food”

Strawberry Orange Juice Popsicles Recipe

I’ve been experimenting with making popsicles for me and the boys to enjoy on these hot sunny days. I refuse to add sugar to them, so it’s been challenging coming up with mixes that actually taste good. 🙂 (Trust me, you don’t want the recipe for the plain Greek yogurt popsicles). These were the tastiestContinue reading “Strawberry Orange Juice Popsicles Recipe”

Crab Salad Recipe

One of the tastiest things I’ve eaten in a while. This recipe was 3 parts: crab, corn, salad Crab Get a big pot of hot water boiling. Throw a couple whole crabs in there. Boil for 10 minutes. Crack the shells open and eat some of them fresh. The next day, extract the meat fromContinue reading “Crab Salad Recipe”

Kachumbari Recipe

This is a picture of my lunch of baked salmon, cauliflower “rice”, and Kachumbari–a Kenyan salad that is very similar to pico de gallo or innumerable middle eastern and Indian salads. Surprisingly, of all the delicious foods here, I got a request for the salad recipe. So, here it is. Kachumbari The first step withContinue reading “Kachumbari Recipe”

Kenyan Greens Recipe

In America, greens like chard and kale are boring hippy food. These are often served raw, or in a flavorless preparation. It makes them seem like dull, unappetizing foods. Here is a recipe to elevate your greens to a delicacy. This recipe can be used with crinkle kale, dinosaur kale, swiss chard, rainbow chard, amaranthContinue reading “Kenyan Greens Recipe”

Lamb & Nuts Breakfast Recipe

What’s in my cereal bowl? On this day, it was lamb riblets and toasted nuts. I do this kind of thing for breakfast pretty regularly because I like a protein and fats breakfast with a savory taste. The recipe itself is pretty easy: Lamb Riblets with Toasted Nuts Throw the lamb riblets in a hot,Continue reading “Lamb & Nuts Breakfast Recipe”