Individual Design Coaching: Assess, Don’t Guess

Assessment “Measure twice and cut once” as they say.  In other words, know what you’re doing before you do it.  That’s the philosophy behind assessment.  Assessment is truth.  It is an objective measurement (or set of measurements) that tells you what IS, so then you can strategize about what needs to change, how to changeContinue reading “Individual Design Coaching: Assess, Don’t Guess”

Personalized Nutrition: Protein

The topic of this series is personalized nutrition.  I began by talking about the person (the one whose nutrition is being -ized), and then about practicing some basic lifestyle guidelines as a starting point.  Today’s topic is the first consideration that’s actually about food: protein. Protein First Why is protein first? Because of satiety andContinue reading “Personalized Nutrition: Protein”