Ital Food & Tsom Food

(repost from my Travel Blog at In 2007, I learned about this thing the Rastas call “Ital”. Ital is an Iyaric (Rasta talk) word that means “vital”, but with the connotation of “I” (as in, “I am vital”, or “my vitality”). It can also mean, “I-Tall,” as in, “these are the things that makeContinue reading “Ital Food & Tsom Food”

What is “Health & Fitness Coaching”?

My business cards say, “Health & Fitness Coaching.” But, what exactly does that mean? What do I really do? The services I provide are Individual Design Coaching programs, One-on-One Training, and At-Home Training. That just tells you what’s on the menu, though, it doesn’t really tell you what I DO. In order to understand that,Continue reading “What is “Health & Fitness Coaching”?”

CrossFit History Lessons, Pt. 6

Honestly, I thought this would be one article with a few brief comments on the old CrossFit Journal. But, then… I had a lot to say. Here are the 5 blog posts leading up to this one, if you want to catch up: CrossFit History Lessons, Pt. 1 CrossFit History Lessons, Pt. 2 CrossFit HistoryContinue reading “CrossFit History Lessons, Pt. 6”

3 Big Problems, 3 Big Solutions

Dealing with all the events of this year led me to some observations about what’s wrong in the world and how to fix it. A handful of blogs explored my ideas about these ‘3 big problems’ and ‘3 big solutions’. 3 Big Problems and 3 Big Solutions Be Your Authentic Self Live Your Most Vigorous Life Eat YourContinue reading “3 Big Problems, 3 Big Solutions”

Individual Design Coaching: Design Your Program

Program Design There’s that picture again.  I like to show that picture.  It’s the “health house” that I’ve expounded upon numerous times.  This time, it’s in the context of explaining Individual Design Coaching.  Earlier, I wrote about the Consultation, and then the Assessment.  The next step is cooperative: designing your program. When WE go toContinue reading “Individual Design Coaching: Design Your Program”

Personalized Nutrition: Food Sensitivities

This will be the last article in my mini-series on personalized nutrition starting points.  The last for now… I have a lot more topics to cover in regards to personalized nutrition, but they’ll have to wait.  To recap, here are the topics I covered in this run: The Person Basic Lifestyle Guidelines Protein Hydration FoodContinue reading “Personalized Nutrition: Food Sensitivities”

Personalized Nutrition: Meal Timing & Frequency

Time to write about timing.  I’ve been writing a whole series on personalized nutrition, starting with The Person, then discussing the importance of Basic Lifestyle Guidelines, following that with Protein, Hydration, and Food Quality.  Today, I want to help answer the questions, “When should I eat?” and, “How many times should I eat per day?” When Should IContinue reading “Personalized Nutrition: Meal Timing & Frequency”

Personalized Nutrition: Food Quality

With my 5th blog in this series about personal nutrition, I’m talking about food quality.  You can check out the other articles in this series here: Where To Start With Personalized Nutrition Personalized Nutrition: BLGs Personalized Nutrition: Protein Personalized Nutrition: Hydration Food Optimization  When I teach people about food quality, I start with the conceptContinue reading “Personalized Nutrition: Food Quality”

Personalized Nutrition: Hydration

Wait… hydration again?  I’ve been talking about personalized nutrition, and I already addressed hydration a couple of days ago in a bullet point under “Basic Lifestyle Guidelines.”  Well, hydration is important enough to talk about more than once.  I talk to clients about hydration first when we’re working on the ‘foundation’ that is their healthyContinue reading “Personalized Nutrition: Hydration”

Personalized Nutrition: Protein

The topic of this series is personalized nutrition.  I began by talking about the person (the one whose nutrition is being -ized), and then about practicing some basic lifestyle guidelines as a starting point.  Today’s topic is the first consideration that’s actually about food: protein. Protein First Why is protein first? Because of satiety andContinue reading “Personalized Nutrition: Protein”