What is “Health & Fitness Coaching”?

My business cards say, “Health & Fitness Coaching.” But, what exactly does that mean? What do I really do? The services I provide are Individual Design Coaching programs, One-on-One Training, and At-Home Training. That just tells you what’s on the menu, though, it doesn’t really tell you what I DO. In order to understand that,Continue reading “What is “Health & Fitness Coaching”?”

Individual Design Coaching – What It Is

I call it the future of health & fitness, not because that’s a trademark or a slogan (it does sound super slogan-y), but because I honestly predict this model growing in both the healthcare industry and the fitness industry over the coming years.  I’ve been seeing this growth unfold in the fitness business for quiteContinue reading “Individual Design Coaching – What It Is”

The 7 Most Important Questions (In My Work)

These may not be the 7 most important questions in the universe, but then again, they may be.  It depends on how you look at things.  They are certainly the 7 most important questions in my work. It has taken me years to understand that my trade is not to teach a person how toContinue reading “The 7 Most Important Questions (In My Work)”