CrossFit History Lessons, Pt. 7

This is the final article in my series responding to the October 2002 CrossFit Journal, now 17 years since I read it for the first time in the fall of 2003. You can read all the other articles here: CrossFit History Lessons, Pt. 1 CrossFit History Lessons, Pt. 2 CrossFit History Lessons, Pt. 3 CrossFitContinue reading “CrossFit History Lessons, Pt. 7”

Goals & Priorities

I’ve written a handful of blogs about my own personal goals, priorities, and how these things change from time to time. If you’re one of those who learn best from seeing the abstract concepts connected to real-world scenarios and personal experiences, then you might learn something from these. Handstands and the lessons they hold Returning FromContinue reading “Goals & Priorities”

Personalized Nutrition: Food Quality

With my 5th blog in this series about personal nutrition, I’m talking about food quality.  You can check out the other articles in this series here: Where To Start With Personalized Nutrition Personalized Nutrition: BLGs Personalized Nutrition: Protein Personalized Nutrition: Hydration Food Optimization  When I teach people about food quality, I start with the conceptContinue reading “Personalized Nutrition: Food Quality”

Where To Start With Personalized Nutrition

This week, I’m going to talk a bit about personalized nutrition.  This is a concept I’ve brought up frequently in my blog, but now I’m going to break it down in a bit more detail over several days.  The concepts I’m going to cover will include: The Person Basic Lifestyle Guidelines Protein Hydration Food QualityContinue reading “Where To Start With Personalized Nutrition”

When Goals Change, Make a New Plan (Skill Levels Revisited)

I wrote about the Skill Level system a while back and I want to revisit that today in light of the 7 questions I asked over the past two weeks, and talk about how my approach to these goals has changed recently. 7 Questions Who am I? Well, I could give some pretty lengthy andContinue reading “When Goals Change, Make a New Plan (Skill Levels Revisited)”

What Do You Want to Achieve?

Ok.  This week, I’m writing about the 7 most important questions in my work.  Yesterday was, “who are you?” and today is, “what do you want to achieve?” Short-Term In my business of coaching people on health & fitness, you can imagine what most people’s first answers to this question sound like. “I want toContinue reading “What Do You Want to Achieve?”