CrossFit History Lessons, Pt. 7

This is the final article in my series responding to the October 2002 CrossFit Journal, now 17 years since I read it for the first time in the fall of 2003. You can read all the other articles here: CrossFit History Lessons, Pt. 1 CrossFit History Lessons, Pt. 2 CrossFit History Lessons, Pt. 3 CrossFitContinue reading “CrossFit History Lessons, Pt. 7”

Fit, Part 1: Endurance

Last week, I explained my concept of “Fit”, which encompasses all aspects of Physical Fitness.  Now I’m going to write a 3-parter that breaks down the 3 categories I put under physical fitness: Endurance, Strength, and Movement Ability. Endurance There are multiple kinds of endurance, but they are all about putting up with something difficultContinue reading “Fit, Part 1: Endurance”

What is Fitness? Part 5: Fit = Physical Fitness

In this blog series, I am exploring the ways I think about and define fitness.  Here are the previous articles: What is Fitness? Part 1: Defining the Question What is Fitness? Part 2: Answering the Question for Yourself What is Fitness? Part 3: Smart, Fit, and Clean What is Fitness? Part 4: Smart = MentalContinue reading “What is Fitness? Part 5: Fit = Physical Fitness”