CrossFit History Lessons, Pt. 2

Yesterday, I began a series of articles responding to Greg Glassman’s original CrossFit Journal. It’s 18 years later and I think we should have learned a few things by now. CrossFit’s First Fitness Standard This is the model of the 10 general physical skills, which Greg picked up from Dynamax. There’s a lot of controversyContinue reading “CrossFit History Lessons, Pt. 2”

History Lessons

This week, I’m aggregating blogs around certain topics. This is helpful to me to see what I’ve written about and how they all fit together. I think it will be useful to you as a reader as well, because you’ll have an easier time finding blogs on similar topics. Today’s list is all blogs aboutContinue reading “History Lessons”

Clean, Part 2: Awareness of Context

Carrying on with part 2 of my 3-part series on “Clean”, which stands for Spiritual Fitness.  I talked about this idea a couple of weeks ago, and now I’ve written a piece about Awareness of Self, with another about Awareness of Eternity coming tomorrow. Today is Awareness of Context. Awareness of Context Yesterday, I talkedContinue reading “Clean, Part 2: Awareness of Context”

What is Fitness? Part 6: Clean = Spiritual Fitness

I’ve written 5 previous articles in this series that you can read here: What is Fitness? Part 1: Defining the Question What is Fitness? Part 2: Answering the Question for Yourself What is Fitness? Part 3: Smart, Fit, and Clean What is Fitness? Part 4: Smart = Mental Fitness What is Fitness? Part 5: FitContinue reading “What is Fitness? Part 6: Clean = Spiritual Fitness”

Individual Design Coaching – What It Isn’t

I’ve been writing this week about Individual Design Coaching.  So far, I’ve written about the entire process of Individual Design, from consultation to assessment to program design, program implementation, then continual refinement & improvement.  Today, I’m going to put a cap on this definition of Individual Design by writing about what IT IS NOT. Now,Continue reading “Individual Design Coaching – What It Isn’t”

Where To Start With Personalized Nutrition

This week, I’m going to talk a bit about personalized nutrition.  This is a concept I’ve brought up frequently in my blog, but now I’m going to break it down in a bit more detail over several days.  The concepts I’m going to cover will include: The Person Basic Lifestyle Guidelines Protein Hydration Food QualityContinue reading “Where To Start With Personalized Nutrition”

What Do You Want to Achieve?

Ok.  This week, I’m writing about the 7 most important questions in my work.  Yesterday was, “who are you?” and today is, “what do you want to achieve?” Short-Term In my business of coaching people on health & fitness, you can imagine what most people’s first answers to this question sound like. “I want toContinue reading “What Do You Want to Achieve?”