Clean, Part 2: Awareness of Context

Carrying on with part 2 of my 3-part series on “Clean”, which stands for Spiritual Fitness.  I talked about this idea a couple of weeks ago, and now I’ve written a piece about Awareness of Self, with another about Awareness of Eternity coming tomorrow. Today is Awareness of Context. Awareness of Context Yesterday, I talkedContinue reading “Clean, Part 2: Awareness of Context”

Fit, Part 2: Strength

Two weeks ago, I explained my concept of “Fit” as encompassing all aspects of Physical Fitness.  Today is part 2 of a 3-part series exploring the 3 big categories I’ve broken “Fit” down into: Endurance, Strength, and Movement Ability.  Strength There is a whole heck of a lot to be said about Strength and IContinue reading “Fit, Part 2: Strength”

Smart, Part 2: Intelligence

Last week, I explored my ideas about Mental Fitness and labeled it “Smart”.  Today is part two of a 3-part series expanding on those ideas about Mental Fitness.  Part 1 was about Mental Health.  Part 2 is about Intelligence. Intelligence I like this simple definition of intelligence from Google.  It makes clear the distinction betweenContinue reading “Smart, Part 2: Intelligence”

What is Fitness? Part 2: Answering the Question for Yourself

Yesterday, I talked about moving through the stages of learning from unconscious incompetence towards unconscious competence, and how this has allowed me to propose some questions about what fitness is.  Today, I want to talk about answering those questions for yourself. Today’s blog builds off of yesterday’s, so if you haven’t read that yet, pleaseContinue reading “What is Fitness? Part 2: Answering the Question for Yourself”