My Philosophy

These blogs are about thinking: why we do the things we do. Or, more accurately, why I do the things I do. This is about my way of thinking and the mission I am on with health & fitness, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Why Now? The Vision The Moral Imperatives of our Impending Doom Memorial forContinue reading “My Philosophy”

Clean, Part 3: Awareness of Eternity

This is the final chapter in my 3-parter about “Clean”, which I define as Spiritual Fitness.  I wrote about Awareness of Self, Awareness of Context, and now I’m writing about Awareness of Eternity.  Awareness of Eternity “Clean” in my terminology is Spiritual Fitness. Sounds vague? Let me be a bit more precise. I define fitnessContinue reading “Clean, Part 3: Awareness of Eternity”

What is Fitness? Part 6: Clean = Spiritual Fitness

I’ve written 5 previous articles in this series that you can read here: What is Fitness? Part 1: Defining the Question What is Fitness? Part 2: Answering the Question for Yourself What is Fitness? Part 3: Smart, Fit, and Clean What is Fitness? Part 4: Smart = Mental Fitness What is Fitness? Part 5: FitContinue reading “What is Fitness? Part 6: Clean = Spiritual Fitness”