Youth Mental Health First Aid

What a concept! “Mental Health First Aid”. I have done first aid certifications in the past, but they’ve always been centered around physical safety issues. Now I know that there is an organization providing first aid training for mental health issues and I am highly enthusiastic about it. Today I completed the Zoom class forContinue reading “Youth Mental Health First Aid”

Clean, Part 3: Awareness of Eternity

This is the final chapter in my 3-parter about “Clean”, which I define as Spiritual Fitness.  I wrote about Awareness of Self, Awareness of Context, and now I’m writing about Awareness of Eternity.  Awareness of Eternity “Clean” in my terminology is Spiritual Fitness. Sounds vague? Let me be a bit more precise. I define fitnessContinue reading “Clean, Part 3: Awareness of Eternity”

Why Do You Want To Achieve It?

This week, I’m talking about a line of questioning that is critical to my coaching work: the who, what, why, when, where, how, and what questions. These are the questions whose asking and answering enable transformation.  Yesterday, I talked about identifying the things you want to achieve, inclusive of short-term goals, long-term goals, and eternalContinue reading “Why Do You Want To Achieve It?”