CrossFit History Lessons, Pt. 5

Continuing to re-read the October 2002 CrossFit Journal and process my thoughts and reflections based on 17 years of experience with these ideas (I encountered them in 2003). Here are the previous 4 articles on this topic: CrossFit History Lessons, Pt. 1 CrossFit History Lessons, Pt. 2 CrossFit History Lessons, Pt. 3 CrossFit History Lessons,Continue reading “CrossFit History Lessons, Pt. 5”

CrossFit History Lessons, Pt. 2

Yesterday, I began a series of articles responding to Greg Glassman’s original CrossFit Journal. It’s 18 years later and I think we should have learned a few things by now. CrossFit’s First Fitness Standard This is the model of the 10 general physical skills, which Greg picked up from Dynamax. There’s a lot of controversyContinue reading “CrossFit History Lessons, Pt. 2”

Personalized Nutrition: Meal Timing & Frequency

Time to write about timing.  I’ve been writing a whole series on personalized nutrition, starting with The Person, then discussing the importance of Basic Lifestyle Guidelines, following that with Protein, Hydration, and Food Quality.  Today, I want to help answer the questions, “When should I eat?” and, “How many times should I eat per day?” When Should IContinue reading “Personalized Nutrition: Meal Timing & Frequency”