Ital Food & Tsom Food

(repost from my Travel Blog at In 2007, I learned about this thing the Rastas call “Ital”. Ital is an Iyaric (Rasta talk) word that means “vital”, but with the connotation of “I” (as in, “I am vital”, or “my vitality”). It can also mean, “I-Tall,” as in, “these are the things that makeContinue reading “Ital Food & Tsom Food”

Personalized Nutrition: Meal Timing & Frequency

Time to write about timing.  I’ve been writing a whole series on personalized nutrition, starting with The Person, then discussing the importance of Basic Lifestyle Guidelines, following that with Protein, Hydration, and Food Quality.  Today, I want to help answer the questions, “When should I eat?” and, “How many times should I eat per day?” When Should IContinue reading “Personalized Nutrition: Meal Timing & Frequency”