Time in the Trenches

Sometimes I meet people who have just gotten into CrossFit and they’re super gung-ho about it. (Or maybe they found CrossFit 5 years ago). They’ve watched a ton of stuff on YouTube and watched the CrossFit Games, maybe read a bunch of CrossFit Journal articles. They think know everything and they are unwilling to listenContinue reading “Time in the Trenches”

Clean, Part 1: Awareness of Self

Continuing on with my expansion upon a definition of fitness.  A couple weeks ago, I explained my concept of “Clean” as encompassing the idea of Spiritual Fitness.  Now I’m going to write a 3-parter that breaks down the big umbrella-categories that I put under spiritual fitness: awareness of self, awareness of context, and awareness ofContinue reading “Clean, Part 1: Awareness of Self”

Smart, Part 3: Knowledge

When I proposed my definitions of fitness last week, I talked about this idea of “Smart” as encompassing Mental Fitness.  This week, I’m expanding on parts of that theory.  Part 1 was about Mental Health.  Part 2 was on Intelligence.  And this is Part 3, on Knowledge. Knowledge Reading books is a way to acquireContinue reading “Smart, Part 3: Knowledge”

Individual Design Coaching – What It Isn’t

I’ve been writing this week about Individual Design Coaching.  So far, I’ve written about the entire process of Individual Design, from consultation to assessment to program design, program implementation, then continual refinement & improvement.  Today, I’m going to put a cap on this definition of Individual Design by writing about what IT IS NOT. Now,Continue reading “Individual Design Coaching – What It Isn’t”