Saving the World One Healthy Lifestyle at a Time

This is my mission statement. What does it mean? To understand, I think you’ll need to look at each component one at a time. Does the world need saving? On some level of my consciousness, I have been borderline-obsessed with saving the world for my entire life. I’m really not exaggerating when I say, “myContinue reading “Saving the World One Healthy Lifestyle at a Time”

Time in the Trenches

Sometimes I meet people who have just gotten into CrossFit and they’re super gung-ho about it. (Or maybe they found CrossFit 5 years ago). They’ve watched a ton of stuff on YouTube and watched the CrossFit Games, maybe read a bunch of CrossFit Journal articles. They think know everything and they are unwilling to listenContinue reading “Time in the Trenches”

7 Questions to Set Intentions

I spend a lot of time working to get better at my job. I’ve found that coaching is all about asking the right questions. This series of blogs laid out 7 questions that you can use as tools to refine your own intentions and create a plan of action. The 7 Most Important Questions (InContinue reading “7 Questions to Set Intentions”

Who Are You?

I’m talking this week about 7 important questions.  The first one, and possibly the MOST important, is, “who are you?” Identity The obvious answers to the question are about identity.  Think about the things that might be on your ID card, Driver’s License, or Passport: your name, where you’re from, when and where you wereContinue reading “Who Are You?”