CrossFit History Lessons, Pt. 1

CrossFit hasn’t changed their core message in 18 years, but we who’ve been through it know better now. Here is the first in a series of blogs about it. This is a photo of a care package I sent to my brother in Iraq in the autumn of 2003. I had recently discovered this websiteContinue reading “CrossFit History Lessons, Pt. 1”

Individual Design Coaching: Implement Your Program

Program Implementation Ok.  So, we did a consultation, and an assessment, designed you a program, and it’s time to put that program into action.  Now you’re starting to get the idea of what Individual Design Coaching is all about. In Step 4, I have to teach you the new behaviors, nourishment strategies, and exercises thatContinue reading “Individual Design Coaching: Implement Your Program”

Individual Design Coaching: Design Your Program

Program Design There’s that picture again.  I like to show that picture.  It’s the “health house” that I’ve expounded upon numerous times.  This time, it’s in the context of explaining Individual Design Coaching.  Earlier, I wrote about the Consultation, and then the Assessment.  The next step is cooperative: designing your program. When WE go toContinue reading “Individual Design Coaching: Design Your Program”

All Power to All the People

This week, I’ve been talking about 3 big problems that face us as individuals, and hurt our collective well-being: Many people are living meaningless and dishonest lives. Many people are moving minimally and insufficiently. Many people are eating only for emotions and mouth pleasure. In answer to these, I have proposed 3 solutions: Be yourContinue reading “All Power to All the People”

3 Big Problems and 3 Big Solutions

We had an awesome, long holiday-weekend and I hope you did too.  Friday was a hike up Goat Peak near Mazama (Eastern Washington).  Saturday was a 4th of July party in Sudden Valley and chilling on Lake Whatcom.  Sunday was taking boats out on Baker Lake.  We got to hike, ride bikes, swim, and rowContinue reading “3 Big Problems and 3 Big Solutions”