Be Your Authentic Self

Here’s the problem: Many people are living meaningless and dishonest lives.  They don’t know who they are and what they’re about, so they don’t care about themselves and don’t treat themselves with care.  They know that there are problems in their life, but they hide from them and lie about them, so they are not able to do anything to solve them.

How many times have you seen these characteristics in another person and pointed them out?  I bet you point that finger everyday at some politician or celebrity, or even an old friend on social media.  Just remember, every time you point your finger, three fingers are pointed back at you.  In other words, you’re also guilty of the same thing on some level.  Pointing out another person’s flaws is just another way to avoid dealing with your own.

So, face the truth.  Start with an honest assessment of your own life.  Cultivate clarity of thought, without judgment.  Analyze where you’ve gone wrong and what you’ve done right.  Make it a habit.  This increased self-awareness will lead you to a greater respect for yourself and your own power.  Then you can use that power to organize your life into something you’re more proud of.


In terms of the BLGs (which I’ve written about extensively), your honest self-assessment leads to a better understanding and expression of Purpose.  Then, with meaning in your life, you have more respect for Balance and the things that come with it (such as Recovery and Digestion).  Your authentic expression of purpose through a balanced life leads to the development of a Rhythm that respects your Energy, Hydration, and Sleep.

The ancient aphorism, “Know Thyself,” is therefore the first step, followed by, “Love Thyself,” and, “Be Thyself.”  Purpose leads to Balance and then to Rhythm.  These elements make up the foundation of that ‘health house’ I like to show people.  With these parts of your life addressed, you will be able to move on to thinking about exercise and diet because your body will be able to adapt to training and your mind will be able to handle discipline.

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