Personal Discipline

This is a common conversation I’ve been having with a lot of people lately. What is discipline? Where does discipline come from? Is discipline something that an outside force imposes upon you, or something that you impose upon yourself? Or, should it just come naturally? I believe that discipline works best as a pull (yourContinue reading “Personal Discipline”

Be Your Authentic Self

Here’s the problem: Many people are living meaningless and dishonest lives.  They don’t know who they are and what they’re about, so they don’t care about themselves and don’t treat themselves with care.  They know that there are problems in their life, but they hide from them and lie about them, so they are notContinue reading “Be Your Authentic Self”

Do Push-Ups Because Blue Lives Matter

Care about the police and want to help them out?  Do push-ups.  I’ll tell you all about it. We Need Better Police Can we all agree that we need a better police force in this country?  I have been on the receiving end of police brutality, and I have also worked a lot with policeContinue reading “Do Push-Ups Because Blue Lives Matter”

Do Push-Ups Because All Lives Matter

Care about all human lives?  Care about your own life?  These are great reasons to do push-ups.  Let me tell you why. Push-Ups Push-ups are awesome for many reasons that I have written about in the past, but when I say “push-ups”, that is actually a code word for “get your $#!^ together”.  Push-ups, inContinue reading “Do Push-Ups Because All Lives Matter”