Learn Something New Every Day

When we were kids, my brother and I created a lot of personal rules and orders. I’ve talked in this blog about our personal “health code” that we developed. There were many other vows, restrictions, and challenges we put on ourselves. For example, my brother vowed to make a new friend every day, and IContinue reading “Learn Something New Every Day”

What is Fitness? Part 4: Smart = Mental Fitness

I’m working on a series of blogs that expresses and explains my concept of fitness.  Here are the previous articles: What is Fitness? Part 1: Defining the Question What is Fitness? Part 2: Answering the Question for Yourself What is Fitness? Part 3: Smart, Fit, and Clean Mental Fitness Today’s topic is Smart.  In myContinue reading “What is Fitness? Part 4: Smart = Mental Fitness”