3 Big Problems, 3 Big Solutions

Dealing with all the events of this year led me to some observations about what’s wrong in the world and how to fix it. A handful of blogs explored my ideas about these ‘3 big problems’ and ‘3 big solutions’. 3 Big Problems and 3 Big Solutions Be Your Authentic Self Live Your Most Vigorous Life Eat YourContinue reading “3 Big Problems, 3 Big Solutions”

Individual Design Coaching

These blogs describe what I do in my ID Coaching work. Being Real = “Clean” Why Assess? Balancing Challenge & Support Individual Design Coaching – What It Is Individual Design Coaching: Define Your Goals Individual Design Coaching: Assess, Don’t Guess Individual Design Coaching: Design Your Program Individual Design Coaching: Implement Your Program Individual Design Coaching: Evaluate Progress Individual Design Coaching – WhatContinue reading “Individual Design Coaching”

Goals & Priorities

I’ve written a handful of blogs about my own personal goals, priorities, and how these things change from time to time. If you’re one of those who learn best from seeing the abstract concepts connected to real-world scenarios and personal experiences, then you might learn something from these. Handstands and the lessons they hold Returning FromContinue reading “Goals & Priorities”

Fitness Mindset

This is a goldmine. Blogs about that fitness mentality. Get your head right and then you can get your body right. Take some time to read these ones, they’ll be worth it. Where To Start? 1 Push-Up a Day “I’m not losing any weight right now, but I guess that’s ok.” Permission to Change Applied Metaphysics ReasonsContinue reading “Fitness Mindset”

The Revolution is Now

2020 is a crazy year. It is a fork in the road and people are going hard one way or the other. Some are going hard in the direction of truth, while others are going hard in the direction of lies. The truth-tellers are working on their own foundation, building a self, a life, andContinue reading “The Revolution is Now”

Work is Not Exercise

If you Google terms like “yard work injury” or “bad shovel posture”, you will find countless memes and images such as this one. This is evidence of a widespread problem: people do their manual labor with incorrect posture and force mechanics, leading to injury and discomfort. Even worse, many believe that their sloppy yard workContinue reading “Work is Not Exercise”

Masala is Medicine

I wrote a lot of long-winded, heavy blogs recently. So, this week I’m carrying on the previous week’s trend of short & sweet. Instead of recipes, this week it’s just little bits of wisdom. Masala is Medicine What is masala? Masala is an Indian word for a mixture of spices used in cooking. Not justContinue reading “Masala is Medicine”

Strawberry Orange Juice Popsicles Recipe

I’ve been experimenting with making popsicles for me and the boys to enjoy on these hot sunny days. I refuse to add sugar to them, so it’s been challenging coming up with mixes that actually taste good. 🙂 (Trust me, you don’t want the recipe for the plain Greek yogurt popsicles). These were the tastiestContinue reading “Strawberry Orange Juice Popsicles Recipe”

Crab Salad Recipe

One of the tastiest things I’ve eaten in a while. This recipe was 3 parts: crab, corn, salad Crab Get a big pot of hot water boiling. Throw a couple whole crabs in there. Boil for 10 minutes. Crack the shells open and eat some of them fresh. The next day, extract the meat fromContinue reading “Crab Salad Recipe”