7 Questions to Set Intentions

I spend a lot of time working to get better at my job. I’ve found that coaching is all about asking the right questions. This series of blogs laid out 7 questions that you can use as tools to refine your own intentions and create a plan of action. The 7 Most Important Questions (InContinue reading “7 Questions to Set Intentions”

3 Big Problems, 3 Big Solutions

Dealing with all the events of this year led me to some observations about what’s wrong in the world and how to fix it. A handful of blogs explored my ideas about these ‘3 big problems’ and ‘3 big solutions’. 3 Big Problems and 3 Big Solutions Be Your Authentic Self Live Your Most Vigorous Life Eat YourContinue reading “3 Big Problems, 3 Big Solutions”

The George Floyd Rebellion: Killings, Race, Police, and Protests

Apart from COVID, this was the other major disturbance of 2020 (*so far). When I saw the internet explode into stories about police killings of black people, and saw the news about protests beginning all over the world, I at first attempted to avoid the whole thing. I have a very complex relationship to raceContinue reading “The George Floyd Rebellion: Killings, Race, Police, and Protests”

Individual Design Coaching

These blogs describe what I do in my ID Coaching work. Being Real = “Clean” Why Assess? Balancing Challenge & Support Individual Design Coaching – What It Is Individual Design Coaching: Define Your Goals Individual Design Coaching: Assess, Don’t Guess Individual Design Coaching: Design Your Program Individual Design Coaching: Implement Your Program Individual Design Coaching: Evaluate Progress Individual Design Coaching – WhatContinue reading “Individual Design Coaching”

Goals & Priorities

I’ve written a handful of blogs about my own personal goals, priorities, and how these things change from time to time. If you’re one of those who learn best from seeing the abstract concepts connected to real-world scenarios and personal experiences, then you might learn something from these. Handstands and the lessons they hold Returning FromContinue reading “Goals & Priorities”

My Philosophy

These blogs are about thinking: why we do the things we do. Or, more accurately, why I do the things I do. This is about my way of thinking and the mission I am on with health & fitness, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Why Now? The Vision The Moral Imperatives of our Impending Doom Memorial forContinue reading “My Philosophy”

History Lessons

This week, I’m aggregating blogs around certain topics. This is helpful to me to see what I’ve written about and how they all fit together. I think it will be useful to you as a reader as well, because you’ll have an easier time finding blogs on similar topics. Today’s list is all blogs aboutContinue reading “History Lessons”

The Revolution is Now

2020 is a crazy year. It is a fork in the road and people are going hard one way or the other. Some are going hard in the direction of truth, while others are going hard in the direction of lies. The truth-tellers are working on their own foundation, building a self, a life, andContinue reading “The Revolution is Now”

Masala is Medicine

I wrote a lot of long-winded, heavy blogs recently. So, this week I’m carrying on the previous week’s trend of short & sweet. Instead of recipes, this week it’s just little bits of wisdom. Masala is Medicine What is masala? Masala is an Indian word for a mixture of spices used in cooking. Not justContinue reading “Masala is Medicine”