My Definition of Fitness

Here’s something that I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about and writing about: definitions of “fitness”. I named my business “Smart, Fit, and Clean”, which essentially summarizes my proposition for a definition of fitness. Wrote 3 weeks straight of blogs defining this in more detail. I hope it makes you think. What does “Smart,Continue reading “My Definition of Fitness”

7 Questions to Set Intentions

I spend a lot of time working to get better at my job. I’ve found that coaching is all about asking the right questions. This series of blogs laid out 7 questions that you can use as tools to refine your own intentions and create a plan of action. The 7 Most Important Questions (InContinue reading “7 Questions to Set Intentions”

3 Big Problems, 3 Big Solutions

Dealing with all the events of this year led me to some observations about what’s wrong in the world and how to fix it. A handful of blogs explored my ideas about these ‘3 big problems’ and ‘3 big solutions’. 3 Big Problems and 3 Big Solutions Be Your Authentic Self Live Your Most Vigorous Life Eat YourContinue reading “3 Big Problems, 3 Big Solutions”

Individual Design Coaching

These blogs describe what I do in my ID Coaching work. Being Real = “Clean” Why Assess? Balancing Challenge & Support Individual Design Coaching – What It Is Individual Design Coaching: Define Your Goals Individual Design Coaching: Assess, Don’t Guess Individual Design Coaching: Design Your Program Individual Design Coaching: Implement Your Program Individual Design Coaching: Evaluate Progress Individual Design Coaching – WhatContinue reading “Individual Design Coaching”

Home Gym Stuff

Blogs about the home gym. I have been a home gym advocate since, like, forever. I’ve put together some kind of home gym in every place I’ve ever lived, and built a lot of interesting DIY gym equipment. These blogs will give you some great ideas. Get Creative Why the Blender is Essential Home Gym EquipmentContinue reading “Home Gym Stuff”


The most common conversation I’ve had this year (with clients & friends & family) is about the importance of BLGs and a healthy lifestyle. This is always important. This is huge. This is the last thing you want to lose when things get crazy. I’ve also written a lot of blogs about it. Little Doodle,Continue reading “Lifestyle”


This week, I’m posting collections of my 130+ blogs. I’m collecting them into topics so that they’re easier for readers to locate. Today, it’s nourishment: blogs about nutrition. This is building off of yesterday’s collection of food pictures and recipes. Blood, Dirt, and Water Plan, prep, cook, and eat home-made meals with your family. EveryContinue reading “Nourishment”

The Revolution is Now

2020 is a crazy year. It is a fork in the road and people are going hard one way or the other. Some are going hard in the direction of truth, while others are going hard in the direction of lies. The truth-tellers are working on their own foundation, building a self, a life, andContinue reading “The Revolution is Now”

Work is Not Exercise

If you Google terms like “yard work injury” or “bad shovel posture”, you will find countless memes and images such as this one. This is evidence of a widespread problem: people do their manual labor with incorrect posture and force mechanics, leading to injury and discomfort. Even worse, many believe that their sloppy yard workContinue reading “Work is Not Exercise”

Masala is Medicine

I wrote a lot of long-winded, heavy blogs recently. So, this week I’m carrying on the previous week’s trend of short & sweet. Instead of recipes, this week it’s just little bits of wisdom. Masala is Medicine What is masala? Masala is an Indian word for a mixture of spices used in cooking. Not justContinue reading “Masala is Medicine”